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    Play-Cricket is the ECB's complete administration system for club cricket. It uses the latest technology to provide all cricket clubs and leagues with user-friendly software built especially for cricket.

    Your club or league system is accessed through the Internet at www.play-cricket.com to help administrators run clubs and leagues more efficiently, save time and money and give members an up to date source of information about their club.

    Cockspur Cup Screengrab

    An example Play-Cricket homepage, this for the Cockspur Cup, illustrating the new facility to upload your own image to your site's header graphic

    Play-Cricket is owned by the ECB and therefore the standard product offering is free to all ECB affiliated Leagues and Clubs.

    There are four main aims of the system:

    To improve the efficiency of cricket administration
    To improve communication and the flow of information at all levels of the game
    To bring value to clubs and leagues through our partnerships
    To establish a National Participants Database and understand more about club cricketers and supporters around the country

    Why does the game need Play-Cricket?

    Club cricket relies on volunteers who give up their time to help with the organisation and administration of cricket clubs and leagues.

    Play Cricket animation

    View our Play-Cricket demo

    As demands on people’s time have increased over recent years, the requirement for a simpler and more efficient way of doing routine tasks has become paramount.

    The ECB understands the challenges faced by cricket clubs and leagues and that technology and the Internet can ease the administrative burden and at the same time dramatically improve the flow of information within cricket clubs and leagues.

    Play-Cricket achieves this and in doing so reduces workloads and costs. The system also provides every club with a highly sophisticated website which is maintained by club members and administrators; no prior technical knowledge is needed.

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    this site is best sport new site.........

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